Simple Jack

Alright so I work at an airport, a private one that is plenty busy. I am not going to go into the dynamics of the job as they are not important but I work as a line technician crew chief at one of the bigger FBOs on the field, for those of you that do not understand that, I’m basically a manager of those folks you see on the tarmac hauling bags, fueling planes, and moving aircraft. One big aspect of our job is to maintain excellent customer service since we are dealing with private aircraft and not airliners that most of us are familiar with. Now that you are slightly familiarized with what it is I do, let’s get to the point of the story: Simple Jack.

Simple Jack goes by another name but that is the name he has earned among my fellow workers for more that one reason. This guy has got to be mid 30’s, and it is his first job. First week on the job he was on my shift, God was that a trip. Now there are germophobes in the world I can accept this, whatever, but Simple Jack has got to be the weirdest one out there. One day he brought in disinfectant wipes and handed them to my good friend Rebel that was eating at the counter. “When you are done, can you please wipe off the counter so we can keep it clean?” he asks. Rebel looks at him, holding back what I can tell is a sarcastic comment and agrees because at least he asked nicely. Simple Jack then, while Rebel was still eating, sits on the fucking counter interfering with his elbow room. This guy seriously just told him to wipe the counter down because of food then parks his ass almost in it? To this day I am not sure how Rebel didn’t knock him on his ass right then and there.

So not long after he got his initial training which he soon forgot, he moved to the overnight shift, where the slower workers usually fit best. I heard many stories from the other guys on the crew which got me belly laughing and they dubbed him Simple Jack which has since stuck. Now I am not about to tell second-hand stories from these guys, I will keep it to what I have seen and experienced personally. The other day he was working until 0800 which means he overlapped my shift by two hours. Well on this particular day I was an hour late because it snowed and my winter vehicle is a z28, ’cause I’m a fucking genius, so my boss, Salt Lake, was there plowing and kind of running the show til I got there. I show up and immediately have a few planes in need of attention and before I knew it the time was 0745. At this time, I hear a callout on the radio from Salt Lake to Simple Jack: “Before you go can you brush off the crew cars?” There is a pause. “Yeah I can, what exactly do you want me to do?” At this point I looked at the guy next to me and asked him “Was that a real question?” He just laughed as Salt Lake explained to Simple Jack on the radio how to get a brush, where the crew cars were, what they looked like, and how to brush the snow off of them in all seriousness. There is times I dislike my job, but at this moment I loved where I was.

Simple Jack

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